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10 Reasons to Resurface Instead of Replacing

No loss of occupancy:
Mend-A-Bath International USA can resurface your bathtub and have it back in use the same day without the wasted time and general inconvenience that follows replacement.

Immediate use
Our reconditioning/resurfacing process takes 6-8 hours to complete. Once we are finished the job, we walk out, you walk in and you will be able to use the tub immediately.

No Re-tiling: 
One broken tile can often mean replacing the whole area which increases the overall cost.

No need to sheetrock:
Replacing tiles and fitting new bathroom fixtures often require the sheetrock to be replaced in the area around the fittings.

No re-plumbing:
Resurfacing removes the need for the plumbing to be reconnected and there's no loss of water use in the rest of the building.

No re-painting:
Most bathroom alteration work results in repainting.

No builders:
Replacing bathroom fixtures always brings with it the inconvenience of workmen.

No misgivings:
Mend-A-Bath International USA's extensive 5 year written guarantee has proven  itself worldwide and is proof of quality.

Choice of colors:
You are no longer limited to what is available from the shop. You can have your bathroom fixtures resurfaced in the color of your choice and the tiles done to match.

Mend-A-Bath International USA's solutions:
Mend-A-Bath International USA's unique features offer you solutions to slippery surfaces, grouting problems and leaks.

  So, what is resurfacing and what can it do for you?  

 Save yourself the trauma of retiling, re-plumbing, repainting, inconvenience, time and money.

  For more information on Mend-A-Bath         International USA's services or Franchise opportunities in the USA, Mexico, Bahamas, Bermuda and Caribbean Islands, please e-mail Micki Rudman.

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