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What Makes Us Unique

Research and Development plus quality service keeps
Mend-A-Bath International ahead of the field.

No Loss of Occupancy | Slip Resist Innovation |

Mend-A-Bath International offers an extensive 5 year written guarantee on the resurfacing of sanitaryware. Because of this lengthy guarantee, customers get the confident feeling that service and back-up will be available well into the future and this is one of the reasons why many hotel chains have awarded Mend-A-Bath International mandatory contracts.

No night Loss of Occupancy Process

Mend-A-Bath International has recently developed new technology that can have your bathtub ready for use within 6 hours. It's called the "No Night Loss of Occupancy Process" and saves the hotel industry, in particular, considerable sums of money each year.


It is this kind of technology that keeps Mend-A-Bath International at the forefront of the sanitaryware resurfacing industry.

The process and equipment represent the most advanced technology available and is unique to Mend-A-Bath International franchisees and is extremely user friendly.

The "No Night Loss of Occupancy" process is specifically geared at the Hotel Industry where a hotel now no longer needs to sacrifice revenue due to a bathtub being resurfaced.

Mend-A-Bath International's
"SLIP RESIST" Innovation

Mend-A-Bath International offers the option of a permanent slip-resistant surface when resurfacing your bathtub. No more unsightly, unhygienic bathtub mats. This is a major safety innovation and is used by leading hotel groups around the world, as well as by other safety conscious clients.


The unique permanent solution to ugly grouting, mildew and dirty caulking.

No more caulking trim.

This permanent solution can be color matched during resurfacing and can be used around all cast iron, pressed steel and ceramic sanitaryware.

"Perma-Trim" fills the gaps only when resurfacing. Extensive research and development has gone into making the equipment and process extremely user friendly.

Mend-A-Bath International works closely with major international chemical patent holders and every noteworthy development in the industry is evaluated, tested and incorporated into our products and processes. It is for this reason that Mend-A-Bath International does not use off-the-shelf products such as vinyl phenolic primers, all purpose epoxy and polyurethane paints. These are used by most competitors but are in fact formulated for use on automobiles and household appliances and often fail when exposed to the stresses of hot water, etc.

For more information on Mend-A-Bath International USA's services or
franchise opportunities in the USA, Mexico, Bahamas, Bermuda and Caribbean Islands, please E-Mail Micki Rudman.

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